A doorbell is a signaling device typically placed near an entry door to a building.

A smart doorbell is an internet-connected replacement for a traditional doorbell. It can “ring” a smartphone or other device in your home, and integrate with a smart home automation system to display real-time video from your front door. Note that “smart doorbell” is virtually synonymous with “video doorbell” because most have video cameras included — something to watch for if you’re researching. Doorbells, of course, notify you of a visitor’s arrival. Smart doorbells expand on that basic function while bringing new convenience and safety functions to your front door.
Door-Answering Features

Smart doorbells are a lot like security cameras, only with a button visitors use to get your attention. When visitors push the button you’ll get a notification on your smartphone or other device, whether you’re home or out and about. Most smart doorbells offer real-time video and two-way audio, which gives you some options. You can still answer your door, but you’ll have a little more information.

Because you know who’s there, you can: 1. Decline to answer the door if you’re home; 2. Leave the door shut but talk to them via two-way audio on your smartphone (similar to an intercom) no matter where you are; or 3. With certain smart doorbells like Eufy’s Video Doorbell, play a pre-recorded message like, “You can just leave it, thanks!” Screening your visitors or answering the doorbell from anywhere with your smartphone is not only convenient, but also a safety feature. You’re not giving away whether you’re home or not. And you don’t have to open your door. Security Camera Features

Smart doorbells are basically security cameras with additional door-answering features, so here are some smart doorbell security camera functions. Smart doorbell cameras with AI (artificial intelligence) person recognition can filter out “false positives” so you don’t get a bunch of motion alerts for tree branches on a windy day. More advanced AI systems are not only better at recognizing people versus general motion, but can even identify familiar faces and package deliveries. The fundamental components of Door Bell system include:
• Door Bell (with push button, audio & camera).
• Controller etc.


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